Large Shoulder Triggerpoint

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Therapeutically designed to relieve pain and tension in the neck and shoulders, this pillow can be used warmed or chilled. Soothing warmth combined with the gentle acupressure melt away the daily stresses. Specifically contoured to rest on your shoulders.

  • reduce pain
  • increase muscle relaxation
  • gentle conforming weight & compression
  • reduce tight chest or neck areas
  • reduce stress and tension in shoulders, hips & back

Created with a fully therapeutic focus, this shape relieves pain and tension in the shoulders and neck. This means it is not designed to hang on the back of your neck. This ‘forward-pull’ would simply increase neck and shoulder pain. Our Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow is meant to drape evenly over your shoulders. The weight in this position will gently relax all neck and shoulder muscles and create gentle acupressure on the tender-points. This pillow offers therapeutic weight and is easily incorporated into your stretch therapy for various parts of your body. CHILL for painful swelling, ‘hot flashes’ or general cool-down. Removable washable cover, approx. 17″ x 14 ” and 3.7 lbs.


Additional information

Weight 3.7 lbs
Packaging Dimensions 9 × 6.5 × 3.5 in

Surprise Me!, Mediterranean, Island Garden, Safari, Twilight, Bermuda, Palm, Zinnia, Fern, Black, Red, Navy, Aqua, Chocolate, Eggplant, Graphite, Mallard, Purple, Royal Blue, Sage, Salmon

Herbal Blends

Breathe, Soothe, Refresh, Relieve, No Herbs

TO WARM: Place pillow on a clean plate and microwave for 90 seconds. Microwave wattages vary so heating times may need to be adjusted. Make certain pillow moves freely and does not touch inner sides of the microwave to avoid hot spots or scorching the flax seeds. Always test before using. Re-warm at 15 second intervals.

TO CHILL: Store pillow in a sealed plastic bag and place in freezer for several hours. Chilled pillow can be placed directly on bare skin for optimum cold application.


Pillow Herbal Blends

Breathe —  May help ease congestion and soothe aches associated with colds, asthma, sinus infections, bronchitis, and flu. (eucalyptus, peppermint,  spearmint, lemon balm, rosemary, lavender, anise & clove)

Relieve — A blend to uplift, invigorate and clear thinking. Great for migraines and  arthritis. (lavender, lemon balm, & peppermint)

Soothe — Our most popular blend. Helps to relax, soothe, and calm. Best for muscular aching and tension. (lavender, marjoram, & clove)

Refresh — Uplifts and invigorates, improves focus and relieves stress. (spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, anise, lemon balm, clove & rosemary)

5 reviews for Large Shoulder Triggerpoint

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  1. B
    Bo W. Verified Buyer

    My wife has lingering neck pain from a car accident almost 10 years ago. This pillow (heated) helps her greatly! We just purchased a replacement pillow (we had one for several years but our last one was eaten by the dog... long story) If you have neck pain, this pillow is a must have!

  2. S
    Suzanne W. Verified Buyer

    I have had several Mother Earth large and extra large trigger point pillows over the past 20 years. Excellent for fibromyalgia, as is, as well as heated or cooled. Having weakened neck muscles, I love these to protect my neck from over extending or getting kinks while I sleep. Perfect pair with the buckwheat hull pillows. Love this company.

    A word to the wise about scents. The “soothe” scent is VERY STRONG. So much so that I aired it out for 10 days before using it. Still couldn’t tolerate it. Made me dizzy. Re-ordered an unscented one and am thrilled.

  3. D
    DONNA W. Verified Buyer

    I LOVE my shoulder trigger point pillow. over 20 years ago I went to a Fibromyalgia conference in OP Kansas. They were one of the vendors there. I instantly fell in love with these. I have been purchasing these for over 20 years now.

  4. C
    Caroline Verified Buyer

    This pillow was recommended to me by my therapist, and I have since bought 2, and gifted 2 more. I love this pillow so much.

    I got the large and it's perfect for my frame (5ft 6in, 130lbs). The Soothe scent is beautiful and just subtle enough. The fabric is soft and gentle on my skin, and the color is true to the picture.

    I have tried other pressure pillows, and this pillow is by-far the best. The flax seeds are the right weight, texture, and pressure.

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