Frequently Asked Questions

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What is in Mother Earth Pillows?

Mother Earth Pillows are filled with food-grade Golden Flaxseed combined with our proprietary Herbal Blends.  We manufacture our products in the United States using all-natural ingredients - Golden Flax, dried herbs, 100% cotton fabrics and recyclable/reusable packaging.

Our Buckwheat Hull Pillows are made with buckwheat hull (No Herbs).

Can you freeze Mother Earth Pillows?

Absolutely! Store pillows in a sealed plastic bag and place in the freezer for several hours. Chilled pillow can be placed directly on bare skin for optimum cold application.

How long do I warm Mother Earth Pillows?

WARNING:  There are only two ways to destroy a Mother Earth Pillow - getting it wet or OVERHEATING!  Mother Earth Pillows recommends warming your pillows in a towel warmer (recommended brand is Elite Towel Cabi - available on our website). 

If you choose to use a microwave oven, how long you warm your Mother Earth Pillow greatly depends on the size of the pillow and the power of your microwave.  All of our pillows come with warming instructions.  For our larger pillows (Large Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillows, Large Heartbeat, Large Flax), you should microwave for 2-3 minutes. Make certain the pillow moves freely and does not touch inner sides of the microwave to avoid "hot spots" or scorching the flax seed.  Warm for additional 30-second intervals to a desired level of warmth.

For smaller pillows (Little Comfort Heart, Small Flax, Cuddle Pillows), microwave for 1 minute and then for 30-second intervals until you reach a desired level of warmth.  Again, AVOID OVERHEATING!

If additional warmth is desired as pillow begins to lose warmth, RE-WARM at 30 seconds intervals. Microwave power ranges from 500W to 1500W so heating times should be adjusted to your unit. Always test before using.

How long do Mother Earth Pillows stay warm?

Mother Earth Pillows stay warm for about 30-40 minutes.  Golden Flaxseed has natural oils that aren't in brown flax or other fill types.  These natural oils hold heat/cold longer than other similar products.

How long do the herbal scents in the pillow last?

Our proprietary Herbal Blends can last more than six months. We do provide herbal blend Essential Oil spritzers to refresh your pillow. Click HERE to see our oils and spritzers.

Tell me about your Herbal Blends?

Mother Earth Pillows can include three different proprietary Herbal Blends that are mixed on-site in our production facility.  Not all pillows are available in all three Herbal Blends.  You may also choose to get a pillow with No Herbs.

Breathe - May ease congestion and soothe aches associated with asthma, sinus infections, bronchitis, colds and flu.
Contains Eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm, rosemary, lavender, anise and clove.

Relieve - A blend to uplift, invigorate and clear thinking with lavender to "soothe the soul." Best choice for migraine relief and aching hands and feet.
Contains Lavender, lemon balm and peppermint.

Soothe-Helps you to relax, soothe and calm, helps relieve muscular aching and tension. 
Contains Lavender, marjoram and clove

No Herb - Without herbs, the therapeutic value of a flax seed pillow is not diminished. Therapeutic weight, warmed or chilled, is always welcome.

How do you clean Mother Earth Pillows?

The Mother Earth Pillows Premium pillows have removable washable covers. Remove the cover and wash it in COLD WATER.  Do not dry!  Lay the cover out to dry and then replace.

Our Simplicity Pillows do not have removable covers. Spot clean the surface of your pillow, being very careful to not saturate the cover or get the flax wet.

There are two ways to ruin a Mother Earth Pillow - by overheating or by GETTING THE FLAXSEED WET.  You cannot dry out flaxseed.  If you get the pillow wet the flaxseed will get hard and will not heat as designed.

Can I put Mother Earth Pillows in the dryer?

Ummm...  Can you put it in the dryer?  Yes.

Will it heat the pillow to a therapeutic temperature?  Probably not.  Is it possible that tumbling it will destroy it?  Yes.

Mother Earth Pillows recommends using a Towel Warmer (we recommend Elite brand Towel Cabi) or a microwave oven.  No laundry dryers, no crock pots, no conventional or convection ovens - we've heard it all!

How do you open a wholesale account?

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How is Mother Earth superior to other pillows?

Food-Grade Golden Flaxseed has natural oils that do not exist in brown flax or other fill types.  Those natural oils hold heat and cold longer than comparative products.

Mother Earth Pillows have been designed by a Registered Nurse who is also a Licensed Massage Therapist.  Our pillows were specifically created with a therapeutic weight that is superior to most other similar products in the marketplace.

Mother Earth Pillows are manufactured in the United States using all-natural ingredients - food-grade Golden Flax, dried herbs, 100% cotton fabric and recyclable/reusable packaging.

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