Mother Earth Designs, Inc was founded in 1995 in Arnold, MO by Karen Kowal, a Registered Nurse and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. Karen was actively involved for 30 years in the field of nursing, then became a Massage Therapist in 1994. She had searched for natural products for her own use after dealing with personal chronic pain. As her practice grew after 1994, she began developing comfort products for her patients and massage clients that offer optimum support and the therapeutic qualities of HOT/COLD therapy. Karen found that proper education about using hot and cold therapy is invaluable for the helping treat aches, pain, chronic conditions and End of Life care.



Using an old Singer Sewing machine in the basement, drying herbs from her own garden, the early years were spent creating consistent designs, finding quality raw materials and fabric that met the quality level Karen desired. As word spread, many came to ask for the 'Pillow-Lady' for products for not only pain but also for comfort and to reduce stress. Karen and her team worked for two years from her home. But eventually, the business grew and it was time to move to a commercial location. This location lasted for 9 years.

In 2007, a new location was found for production and office space... and a separate Retail and Massage location was opened. Mother Earth Natural Solutions located in Arnold, MO offered a wide array of Mother Earth Pillows®, natural Self-Care products and therapeutic massage by MO Licensed Massage Therapists, all Nationally Certified.



In 2015, Karen sold the company to Laura Ortmann.  Laura is also the owner of the Ginger Bay Salons & Spas in St. Louis, with locations in Kirkwood and Town & Country, Missouri.  Ginger Bay is a full service salon and spa for men and women and utilizes Mother Earth Pillows in the delivery of all of its salon and spa services.  The Ginger Bay Team’s love of Mother Earth Pillows led to the opportunity to purchase Mother Earth and develop new services and products in partnership with Mother Earth.

The Mother Earth Team is dedicated to creating only the most quality therapeutic pillows for salons, spas, massage therapists, veterinarians, dentists and physician offices, chiropractors, physical therapists, nursing home and assisted living facilities and consumers of all types, including pets, children with autism, athletes and anyone (person or animal) that is seeking relief from muscle and joint pain, arthritis, inflammation, sensory disorders, headaches, sinus pain, nausea, post-surgical concerns, chronic illness, fatigue, sleeping disorders and desiring overall relaxation.  We invite you to purchase a Mother Earth Pillow at www.motherearthpillows.com or at Amazon.com and experience our all natural, hand-crafted therapeutic pillows made with love in the USA.  We are proud to carry on Karen’s legacy and take Mother Earth Pillows to new levels.


Our pillows are made using the natural bounty of Mother Earth using natural grains, herbs, spices and fabric. No synthetics have been used in our products. Our hand-crafted designs are created with love and joy by the staff of Mother Earth Pillows, LLC with your comfort in mind. We honored to say that we are a USA made product.

We salute those who learn to listen to their body and take responsibility, along with their health-care givers, in their own personal state of health and well-being. Offering a warmed Mother Earth Pillow can encourage compassionate care towards patients and promotes staff pride and positive patient response and improves job satisfaction.

Our products are now known and loved by individuals and professionals across the country for their natural approach of relieving pain, tension and discomfort. Mother Earth Pillows® have become products of high quality and effectiveness and are recognized by those who desire natural solutions.



The Mother Earth Pillows keeps the four "C’s" in mind.


We create a superior product for each and every one of our customers


We provide comfort to all that use our products.


We care and we are compassionate about our customers...


...And it shows through our pillows as it provides care to those in pain, who are stressed or the need to relax.


  • Can be used for HOT or Cold therapy

  • Reduces pain-chronic or acute

  • Promotes and engages individuals in the concepts and benefits of self-care

  • Use post personal injury or rehabilitation

  • Will bring a smile to your face

  • Relieve stress and encourages relaxation

  • Relieves pain in the workplace, travel and home

  • 100% natural

  • USA made product