Large Flax

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The Large Flax Pillow was designed after numerous requests for a pillow that will cover a larger area. This pillow can be folded in thirds to fit in the microwave. make certain it rotates freely without touching the inner walls of the microwave. Once warmed, use for any portion of your back, across chest or torso, drape over both legs, thighs or wherever you need relief from cold or aching. Best choice for hip & sacral pain. Simply sit on this ‘natural heating pad’ and feel the relief if you have stiffness in your hips or hamstrings! This healthy alternative to that old heating pad, always feels great! Wrap around your hands like a muff, roll one end up for support for your neck and leave the rest flat for treating your upper shoulders as you relax over the flat area. Our pillow sends the heat where it is needed! Tuck down by your feet on a chilly night. Don’t forget to stretch once you warm an area that feels tight or is aching… the heat helps muscles stretch, decreases pain and can increase mobility. Great for Fibromyalgia too. Baffled inner pillow allows multi-use, non-shifting applications. Removable washable cover, approx. 12″ x 20″ and 3.4 lbs.

TO WARM: Place on clean plate and microwave for 2 minutes (Microwaves vary). Fold pillow so it rotates freely, not touching inner wall of microwave.

TO CHILL: Protect in sealed plastic bag and store in freezer.


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Weight 3.4 lbs
Packaging Dimensions 11 × 6 × 5 in

Surprise Me!, Black, Red, Navy, Aqua, Chocolate, Eggplant, Graphite, Mallard, Purple, Royal Blue, Sage, Salmon

Herbal Blends

Breathe, Soothe, Refresh, Relieve, No Herbs

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  1. P
    PENNY E. Verified Buyer

    We have been purchasing Mother Earth Pillows since either 1997 or 1998 (can't remember which year) when we purchased at a music festival and the products were set up at a tent. We have always been extremely satisfied and happy with every single product we have purchased. We lovingly call them "the hand thing, the back thing, the neck thing," despite their official names of "Warmitts, Large Flax, and Large Shoulder Trigger Point". Quality is excellent. Over the years we have bought them for family, friends and co-workers. Please don't ever go away.

  2. K
    Katherine C. Verified Buyer

    Love this product! Have used them for 10+ years. I have 3 I rotate to try and keep them fresh. They are wonderful gifts as well and always appreciated!

  3. c
    constance h. Verified Buyer

    I do massage and have been wanting this pillow for quite sometime. I have multiple other pillows from Mother Earth. I like the size of this pillow but wish it had a bit more in each of the baffles as heat dissipates too quickly. Almost perfect.

  4. J
    Judith O. Verified Buyer

    I received my first pillow as a gift from my fiance after a message therapist recommended this brand (she uses them on her clients). This is the BEST pain relief pillow I've ever had. It is very well made and stays warm for a long time. I use it every day and night for osteoarthritis pain. The size of the pillow provides heat to my lower back and hips and keeps me from having to take pain medication. I personally like the unscented pillow as sometimes I use it on my head when I have a sinus headache or migraine (for me, anything scented would make my headache worse). This pillow has provided me so much relief over the past several years that I have also bought them as gifts. I treated myself to the neck and shoulder pillow this year and I love it. I honestly depend on these pillows for pain relief every single day and am so glad to have found something that offers relief without any side effects. Thank you Mother Earth Pillows, you have a fan for life!

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