Cuddle Small Triggerpoint – Chloe the Cat

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We’ve combined our Small Triggerpoint pillow with our Cuddle Line for a fun and soothing experience.  It’s perfect for the young and the young at heart!

This smaller size is ideal for slight or fragile folks who could not tolerate the heavier Large Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow.  This lighter weight is easier to lift over head to place on shoulders. This size remains easily conformable for placement over any area of the body for many aches and pains. A perfect size for use while reclining to support your head and neck. Can relieve aching and stiffness in moments! Removable washable cover, approx. 15″ x 13″ and 2.65 lbs.

TO WARM: Place pillow on a clean plate and microwave for 90 seconds. Microwave wattages vary so heating times may need to be adjusted. Make certain pillow moves freely and does not touch inner sides of the microwave to avoid hot spots or scorching the flax seeds. Always test before using.      Re-warm at 15 second intervals.

TO CHILL: Store pillow in a sealed plastic bag and place in freezer for several hours. Chilled pillow can be placed directly on bare skin for optimum cold application.


Pillow Herbal Blends

Breathe —  May help ease congestion and soothe aches associated with colds, asthma, sinus infections, bronchitis, and flu. (eucalyptus, peppermint,  spearmint, lemon balm, rosemary, lavender, anise & clove)

Relieve — A blend to uplift, invigorate and clear thinking. Great for migraines and  arthritis. (lavender, lemon balm, & peppermint)

Soothe — Our most popular blend. Helps to relax, soothe, and calm. Best for muscular aching and tension. (lavender, marjoram, & clove)

Refresh — Uplifts and invigorates, improves focus and relieves stress. (spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, anise, lemon balm, clove & rosemary)

Additional information

Weight 2.65 lbs
Packaging Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3.5 in
Herbal Blend

Soothe, Breathe, Relieve, Refresh, No Herbs


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