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Our therapeutic flax pillows are designed to provide pain relief and comfort for all ages and all parts of the body. Each one is made by hand here in the U.S.A.

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We Handpick the Finest Materials

Food-Grade Golden Flax

The Flax grown for Mother Earth Pillows® is cleaned, food-quality grade that contain 30-40% oil. When warmed or chilled, these little gold seeds hold HOT or COLD temperature better than brown flax or any other pillow fill.

100% Cotton Fabric

All muslin and covers that are sewn for Mother Earth Pillows use only 100% all-cotton fabric. These fabrics set comfortably against the skin and are hypoallergenic.

Custom Blended Dried Herbs

We use high-quality dried herbs to produce our proprietary herbal blends – Soothe, Relieve, Breathe. Heating the pillow activates the herbs for a wonderful aroma- therapy effect.

Best Sellers

Our pillows are made with all natural ingredients – food grade Golden flaxseed, dried herbs and 100% cotton fabric. Our eco- friendly packaging is made from post-consumer, recyclable material and printed with water-based ink.
Mother Earth Pillows are proudly made in the USA!
Mother Earth Pillows can be heated in a towel warmer or microwave to provide deep, therapeutic heat. Chill in a freezer to reduce swelling or relieve headaches. Natural oils in the flaxseed hold heat or cold longer. Soothe pain, relieve discomfort, or reduce stress with Mother Earth Pillows!
Mother Earth Cuddle Line has fun characters of all shapes and sizes that children will love. Cuddle Pillows can be sleep buddies when they are warm or “boo-boo” pillows when they are chilled. Mixed with our herbal blends your little ones will relax and play with these fun characters. Fun for all ages
Warm pillows are used in veterinary clinics to raise animals’ body temperatures after surgery. Chilled pillows are used to manage hyperthermia cases.
We can screen print your logo on our pillows to make a unique promotional item. Give them as a gift to new customers, part of a Welcome Basket, or a fun way to reward a VIP guest!
The Mother Earth Medical Heart is therapeutic and a perfect pillow for stinting after heart surgery. Screen printed hospital logo provides branding opportunity. Heart diagram provides a convenient way for physician to educate.


Great for Upset Tummies

We gave heart pillows to each of our students in our preschool and elementary programs and the feedback has been outstanding! Great for upset tummies when warmed, and for ouchies when chilled. LOVE them!

Judy Henrichs

Soothing and Comforting

I love the cotton design and the magical herb filled scents of the turtle pillow, and neck pillow I received for my mom. They're very soothing and comforting. Great for nursing away any aches and pains, while giving off a beautiful scented aroma of lavender.

Angela Menne

30 Years and Counting

Mother Earth pillows are a life saver, some much needed comfort and one of my favorite tools to decompress, and relax. I have had my trigger point pillow for over 30 years. It does not go bad. It helps me to remember to keep my shoulders down and uncurl my chest. Thank you Mother Earth Pillows for keeping us comfortable! Use it daily.

Tricia Kowalski

My Go-To for Comfort

I have chronic pain and Mother Earth Pillow' shoulder triggerpoint pillow is one of my favorite go-to tools for helping myself be more comfortable. I've been using mine close to daily for several years and I've never had a single problem. I've bought several as gifts and if mine ever became damaged, I'd buy another one from this company in a heartbeat.

Becky Stone

You will not be disappointed!

These pillows are amazing for body pain and migraine relief and they smell great! Sadly, I didn't know about them until after buying a disappointing one off of Amazon, which of course was cheap, toxic smelling, explosive in the microwave and made in China. These pillows may seem a bit pricey, but they are WELL worth the money. You will not be disappointed!

Anna McElphresh

Love that they are made local!

Love the Mother Earth pillows. I gave some to friends and I have had about 3 of them in different sizes. Great product! Love that they are made local!

Ann Lederman