Why Flax?

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Golden Flax is a grain crop grown in northern USA.  The periwinkle blue flowers mature to tiny pods filled with these golden seeds.  The Flax grown for Mother Earth Pillows® is cleaned, food-quality-grade that contain 30-40% oil.  When warmed or chilled, these little gold seeds hold HOT or COLD temperature better than brown flax or any other pillow fill.  The fresh scent of Golden Flax blends beautifully with our delicate herbal blends.  Flax seeds move in our pillows to conform to all contours of your body.  These seeds also provide a therapeutic weight that provides compression and acupressure over tender areas.  The thermal effects and weight will help increase circulation and help improve lymphatic efficiency and provide pain management and comfort.



Always avoid getting Flax wet as the outer shell of the seed will create a 'sticky-goo' that will dry caked and hard. Flax Pillows can be warmed hundreds of times over the years, but eventually they will 'wear out'.  We offer reasonably priced 'naked' pillows to replace any inner pillow with new flax and herbal blends.  Simply contact us for your cost-effective, fresh 'naked' pillow when needed.

Use at Room Temperature

Warm in the Microwave

Chill in the Freezer

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When warming your pillow, place in center of microwave so pillow never touches wall of microwave and the pillow rotates freely.  Every microwave has ‘hot spots’ and if your pillow cannot move freely during warming, fabric or contents might easily become ‘scorched’ and you will damage your pillow. Also, microwave plate needs to be clean of food and grease. These act as hot spots and will create burn areas on pillow.

Please note that microwaves vary in power from 500 to 1400 WATTS.  Heating time will vary according to the power of microwave used.  Mother Earth cannot be responsible for any scorched pillows.  It has been our experience, that a 'hot-spot' may occur in a microwave that has been used without problems.  Pillows warmed according to directions, will last for many years and Mother Earth Pillows LLC cannot be responsible for over-heated or heat-damaged pillows.

Though we ONLY recommend microwave warming, we have heard that some have used Crock Pots on low setting, but turn and move the pillows about in the pot as the hot sides will scorch the fabric and damage the pillow if left to sit.  We have been told that some use a heating pad to wrap up a Mother Earth Pillow® if no other option is available.  It has been reported to us that a flax pillow can be warmed in an oven at very low setting and checking frequently.  Extreme caution is advised as oven heat may inflame fabric.  Make certain you do not over-heat in an oven as this is NOT the recommended method for warming our pillows. Spas and therapists have used Dry-Hot-Towel-Cabbies with success for maintaining warmth of the pillows and we support this application.

Pillow 'RULES' for a long, happy 'Pillow-life'

  • Store your pillow in a cool dry place. Never allow your pillow to get wet.
  • Follow the warming instructions very carefully as to not "over–warm".
  • Reduce time for Powerful Microwaves (800 watt and above).
  • When RE-Warming a pillow that is still warm, only do so for a fraction of the initial warming time.
  • When chilling your pillow in the freezer, protect from moisture by placing in a sealed plastic bag.
  • If mishandled or pulled, this pillow may rip. Monitor children during use to prevent rough treatment.
  • The Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™ is very susceptible to tears when stretched. DO NOT STRETCH.
  • Your aroma will last 6 months to 1 year and most times longer. It depends on how often you heat the pillow and how hot you heat it. To prolong your scent, you may store in a sealed bag.
  • We use the freshest herbs of the highest quality. We mix our proprietary herbal blend formulas in small batches for top freshness! The aroma may be strong at first but will lessen after approximately 6-12 warmings. (Aromatherapy will last different times for different pillows and amount of times heated.) Herbal Inserts, Pure Essential Oils, and our own Oil Spritzers are available to refresh your pillow as well as to use anywhere Aromatherapy is desired.
  • Most covers are removable and washable. Remove cover – hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. (Do not use warm or hot water! Covers are 100% cotton and will shrink if you use warm or hot water.)
  • Our Simplicity Line does not have removable covers, and therefore requires more care. Spot cleaning of cover is suggested to clean surface.