Small Luxe Heart, Lip Balm and Spritzer Bundle


Wonderful gift for your loved one for Valentine’s Day!   Bundle them together and save 15%.



Small Luxe Heart:

Mother Earth Pillows Luxury Line Combines Luxury with comfort.  The plush feel of our new ultra-soft fabric enhances relaxation.  Filled with golden flax seed and Mother Earth’s herbal blends, our Luxe Pillows relieve tension and decrease stress.  A removable and washable cover makes cleaning easy.  Warm in the Microwave or chill in the freezer.

Lip Balm:

Every ingredient is safe for children and adults.

All Lip Balms Contain

Individual Lip Balms contain in addition:

  • Almond⁠—essential oil of bitter almond
  • Chocolate Peppermint⁠—essential oil of peppermint and cocoa powder
  • Eucalyptus Mint⁠—essential oils of eucalyptus and spearmint
  • Vanilla⁠—all-natural vanilla infusion
  • Mocha⁠—cocoa powder, essential oil of coffeecoffee
  • Unscented—No additives

Mother Earth Spritzer: 

BREATHE – Spray this oil blend in a tissue and breathe in or spray in your hands and rub sinus areas, along glands, over sternum and neck…massage in. Spray on your pillow before going to bed or use to refresh your Mother Earth Pillow. A small amount goes along way. Offers relief for colds, sinus congestion, flu, sore throat, etc.

RELIEVE – Spray in your hand and massage into temples and over tense neck muscles for Migraines and headaches.

SACRED SELF – Use over pulse points and upper chest, massage in… decrease stress, hot flashes, feelings of irritability to calm, ground and calm.

SOOTHE-  helps to relax, soothe and calm.  Relieves aching and tension.  Our most popular blend!Each scent can be used to freshen your pillows or your room. These are 3% dilution in Pure distilled water. Each will remind you of the Mother Earth Herbal Blends.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Herbal Blends

Breathe, No Herbs, Soothe


Blue, Graphite, Ivory, Latte, Purple

lip Balm

Vanilla, Unscented, Mocha, Almond, Eucalyptus Mint, Chocolate Peppermint


Soothe, Breathe, Relieve, Sacred Self