Med-Grade-Simplicity (MGS) Large Flax




Professional tools designed for your practice. Made from conforming TERRATOUCH Therapy grade material, and filled with golden flax. Provides moisture protection and allows for skin contact. Teach your client how to use this, or use in Therapy situations requiring multi-patient or multi-client. This pillow can be folded in thirds to fit in the microwave. make certain it rotates freely without touching the inner walls of the microwave. Once warmed, use for any portion of your back, across chest or torso, drape over both legs, thighs or wherever you need relief from cold or aching. Best choice for hip & sacral pain. Simply sit on this ‘natural heating pad’ and feel the relief if you have stiffness in your hips or hamstrings! This healthy alternative to that old heating pad, always feels great! Wrap around your hands like a muff, roll one end up for support for your neck and leave the rest flat for treating your upper shoulders as you relax over the flat area. Our pillow sends the heat where it is needed! Baffled inner pillow allows multi-use, non-shifting applications. 12″ x 20″ approx 3.3 pounds. Clean surface with damp cloth and approved cleanser.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 6 in


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