Avocado Lemon natural soap


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An exquisitely-scented, moisturizing bar for the whole body

Are you, like so many, suffering from dry, itchy skin? Treat yourself to our moisturizing, handcrafted soaps. All of our bars are excellent for sensitive skin. They make abundant creamy lather, last a long time, and are guaranteed to please you.

This might be the happiest bar of soap ever, a fragrant marriage of citrusy orange and sweet vanilla. Sniff closely and you’ll find that the tan swirls smell of vanilla and the bright orange swirls smell like freshly squeezed oranges. Each bar comes out slightly different, some more vanilla, some more orange. That’s the charm of it.

To impart the yummy vanilla aroma, we use a natural vanilla infusion made with pods of the orchid Vanilla planifolia in a base of coconut oil. The fresh orange scent comes from 5-fold orange essential oil. A touch of patchouli enlivens the scent of the orange but if we didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know it was there.

The natural orange color of this bar comes from annatto seeds, from the achiote shrub of South America. This herb has been treasured since Mayan times as a topical skin treatment and also used in cosmetics. Annatto is commonly used today to color foods such as cheddar cheese and butter. Rich in carotenoids, annatto functions as an antioxidant, like vitamin E.

We’ve superfatted this soap with two emollients: shea butter for a hydrating bar, and castor oil to create extra creamy lather and to further moisturize skin.


  • Saponified Olive Oil and/or rice bran oil, palm kernel oil and soy oil
  • glycerin
  • shea butter
  • castor oil
  • orange essential oil
  • all-natural vanilla infusion
  • patchouli
  • annatto
  • nothing else



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