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Why You'll Love Our Pillows

  • Heat Therapy

    Deep heat relieves and soothes.

  • Aroma Therapy

    Dried herbs activate aromatherapy.

  • Cold Therapy

    Use as an ice pack for bumps or bruises

...filled with flax, herbs, and love!


“Our pillows are made with all natural ingredients - food grade Golden flaxseed, dried herbs and 100% cotton fabric. Our eco-friendly packaging is made from post-consumer, recyclable material and printed with water-based ink


Mother Earth Pillows are proudly made in the USA!


Mother Earth Pillows can be heated in a towel warmer or microwave to provide deep, therapeutic heat. Chill in a freezer to reduce swelling or relieve headaches. Natural oils in the flaxseed hold heat or cold longer. Soothe pain, relieve discomfort, or reduce stress with Mother Earth Pillows!


Mother Earth Cuddle Line has fun characters of all shapes and sizes that children will love.
Cuddle Pillows can be sleep buddies when they are warm or “boo-boo” pillows when they are chilled. Mixed with our herbal blends your little ones will relax and play with these fun characters. Fun for all ages


Warm pillows are used in veterinary clinics to raise animals’ body temperatures after surgery. Chilled pillows are used to manage hyperthermia cases.


We can screen print your logo on our pillows to make a unique promotional item. Give them as a gift to new customers, part of a Welcome Basket, or a fun way to reward a VIP guest!”


The Mother Earth Medical Heart is therapeutic and a perfect pillow for stinting after heart
surgery. Screen printed hospital logo provides branding opportunity. Heart diagram
provides a convenient way for physician to educate.

We Hand Pick the Finest Materials

Custom Blended Dried Herbs

We use high-quality dried herbs to produce our proprietary herbal blends – Soothe, Relieve, Breathe. Heating the pillow activates the herbs for a wonderful aromatherapy effect.

The Flax grown for Mother Earth Pillows® is cleaned, food-quality grade that contain 30-40% oil. When warmed or chilled, these little gold seeds hold HOT or COLD temperature better than brown flax or any other pillow fill.

100% Cotton Fabric

All muslin and covers that are sewn for Mother Earth Pillows use only 100% all-cotton fabric. These fabrics set comfortably against the skin and are hypoallergenic.


Our packaging is 100% recyclable or reusable and printed with water based ink. We take great pride in being environmentally friendly with both our packaging and our products. We ship to customers across the US via all major carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx). International shipping quotes are available, as well.

We keep you and the environment in mind.

What Others Are Saying

Our pillows bring comfort to a multitude of conditions. Read more of our customer's success stories here.

Recovery from Fractured Bone Surgery

My daughter broke her arm (compound fracture/surgery) a year ago and a dear friend gave her a Little Heartbeat Pillow™. We recently went to D.C. on vacation and stayed with my friend's family and I ordered 2 Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillows™ to thank them for having us. They love theirs as much as we love ours!

Shari G satisfied customer from the web

Relief from Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

I have had my 'old' Mother Earth Pillow® for years! I recently lost my husband (unexpectedly) and I was busy with my newborn grandson. I put my pillow (my buddy...I have arthritis & fibromyalgia) into the microwave and hit the wrong button or something. (I swear I've lost my mind, since Dean died!) All of a sudden, my daughter said, "What is that smell?"! It was too late. I was almost in mourning. I look forward to receiving my new one.

Anonymous Happy Customer

Made a 'World of Difference' with Autism

My son used to use the weighted vest in school to help settle him down in class... but he could only use it for 15 minutes because it weighed 15 pounds! He only weighed 65 pounds! Once I got approval for him to wear a Mother Earth Shoulder Wrap, he loved wearing it all day for as long as he wanted to... and his teachers said it made a 'world of difference' in his attention in the classroom and his attitude! I love that he gets to decide how long he needs it.

Kelly mom

Arthritis Back Pain Relief

My Dad has gotten a lot of relief from the pillow! He has arthritis in his lower back and has used the Small Flax Pillow.

Preferred Customer email after web order

Calms Colic Tummy

My grandson who is almost 1 has always been a colicky baby and the Little Heartbeat Pillow™ has always brought him great comfort and has kept us all sane. We just put it in the microwave for a minute and put it on his tummy and it calms him right down. My other grandchildren use theirs to sleep with. They love the aroma and it helps put them to sleep. And of course mine is used alot too.

Diane Hospital Employee

Perfect for Colic

My best friend gave one of your Heart Pillows to me as baby gift 3 years ago. It was perfect for my colicky infant daughter, and was used by the baby and me for tummy aches, etc. Unfortunately we lost the pillow somewhere during our recent move and I WISH I had replaced it before now... last night my daughter had a stomach ache and my perfect little pillow was missing!! I can't wait to get the new one I am ordering tonight! Thanks for such a great product!

Anonymous Satisfied Web Customer

Eliminates Chronic Pain

There is no medication that I know of ... that eliminates pain this rapidly"! ( he stood with a warmed Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™ draped over his shoulders)

Pain Physician American Academy of Pain Management, NV

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