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Pain Relief


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Comfort Hearts
Sweet little Heart that comforts, no matter what age you are! Great for ease pain from earaches, 'time outs' or tummy aches. Perfect gift for someone you care about of any age. (Grandparents, Get Well Gift, etc) Use anywhere for spot pain. An cost-effective pain management choice without any dangerous side-effects. Use HOT or COLD. SOOTHE or NO HERBS. 9" x 9"

Surface clean.
Save on our favorite cost effective 'gift' pillow that offers value and comfort for years to come! Folks keep these and will always remember the gift-giver... every time they use their Comfort Heart!

'Filled with Love' is silk-screened on the the solid coordinated color back. On the solid red, it is on the front.

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Little Heartbeat Pillow™
Warms the hands, tummy or heart of children or that special person in your life. This Mother Earth Pillow® is loved by all ages! Great from birth to grandparents. Perfect for bedtime, earaches, 'spot pain' relief, or colds. Those with congestion might enjoy selecting one of these pillows with the BREATHE herbal blend. Warm and use to help calm a grumpy child (or adult) and use as a 'TIME-OUT' pillow... respond with love for the best outcome! PLEASE SELECT Child or Adult Prints or we will select for you so your order will not be delayed!
(See Children's Pillows for more Child and Youth prints). 9"x9"
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Grey Dot Swirls
 BabyTalkCloud Monkeys

 Soft Stars

Batik 02
Black Cracked Ice
Wish Upon a Star
Batik 08
Capri Circles
Browns (may vary)
Sage Dot Swirls

Red Dot Swirls

Use as a ‘Time-out’ pillow…warm for one minute in the microwave and let your little one settle down and take a few moments to relax on the couch or chair. A gentle way to help with those grumpy times…and let them know you love them…but not their behavior. Once the child and parent have a few moments of calm, it is time to talk about the action that caused the problem.  This gentle loving discipline goes a long way in teaching the concept of self-nurturing for all ages.  And, if it is the adult who needs the 'Time-Out' too, this is an ideal time to set a good example.  Most irritable moments can be solved by thinking "HALT"...Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired...find an answer to cause, and usually moods improve!

Earaches, tummy aches, colds and feeling under the weather seem to be easier to tolerate when there is soothing warmth from the Little Heartbeat Pillow™. Just hold against the aching spot and see how fast it feels better. (Even tummy cramps from the icky tummy flu feel better)!

Colicky babies, tummy gas of little ones can be eased with a warmed Little Heartbeat™.  Use a gentle circular (always clockwise) massage over tummy using warmed pillow… and very little pressure, the pillow is enough.. just smooth your hand over pillow in a small slow circle to ease the gas pains over the intestinal area.

On those chilly morns… warm this little pillow and use as a warming pack when you hop into a cold car…good for children and grownups. Good for lonely moments, when a touch of love is needed like babysitters, overnights, camps, etc.

Bedtime can be a little easier as you warm this pillow for one minute and then take into bed with you as you drift off to sleep. Scented with SOOTHE, this soft aroma comes from a blend of calming soothing herbs…lavender, marjoram and clove help relax and calm.  You can order Unscented also!

Can be chilled in the freezer for bumps and "boo-boos". So much nicer than cold drippy ice.

Perfect for Older Kids-at-Heart too. Good for grandma’s and grandpa’s for relaxing, sleeping, and easing any little spots of aches and pains.  So safe with no issues of side-effects, drug interactions, and certainly safer than electric heating elements.

These are just a few of the many ways our Heart Pillows have been used.  I keep several in my Pillow Basket for visiting grandchildren and sometimes warm one up for a quick remedy for slipping behind my neck as I relax.  It is a perfect size!
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