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 Massage Therapy & Spa products
 Golden flax & lavender herbal blends
for Therapy & Self-Care to comfort & manage pain

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Pain Relief


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New York Times Interview Karen

National Fibromyalgia Association Article about Mother Earth Pillows®  


Articles written by Karen are included below...
Pain Care Bill of Rights offered by the American Pain Foundation 
Click on the link to read entire article.

Caregivers deserve a hug!
Info rmal Caregivers (family and unpaid friends) are the unsung heroes of our present day health care system.

MOTHER EARTH PILLOWS®  receives the 2004 Caregiver Friendly award:

Fibromyalgia…Helping Solve an ‘Identity Crisis’
Fibromyalgia or FMS, is often considered a syndrome or group of conditions with a history of having an ‘identity crisis’. 
It is not a new diagnosis and has been labeled many ways over the years. 

Finding the RIGHT Massage Therapist for You
Massage Therapy is an excellent choice for your personal Care Plan of Health and Wellness.
Massage can help decrease pain, increase circulation,
improve flushing of waste products through your lymphatic system,
increase stress reduction and improve range of motion

Complementary Alternative Medicine : Natural Products in the Healthcare Industry
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is now used or preferred
by over 75 percent of the population and is seen as a viable option by the consumer public.
This trend is reflected in the rapid growth of alternative medical services and products this .....

Cam Research Topics with Mother Earth
Are you looking for research using Complementary Approaches?
see various results about research projects using Mother Earth Pillows

Hot And Cold Therapy
Warmth has comforted and soothed us for ages.
But the reality of the value of heat treatment can clearly be seen
if we look at the action of warmth on tissues, cells, and .....

Why They Work
A brief explanation on the How's and Why's of Hot & Cold
and why adding compression is so effective for Pain Management....

Computer Health
Is Using the Computer Becoming a Pain?  Read on …..

Pain Care Bill Of Rights
As a Person with Pain, You Have many rights:  read on...

Love With a Healing Touch
Ahh. The Heartbeat Pillow™ comforts, warms and heals with a light..

Gifts That Keep On Giving
Ideas for comfort that don’t have to be plugged in!

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