What’s the story behind ‘Pillow Bliss’?

Posted by Karen Kowal, Founder - Mother Earth Pillows on 6/14/2016 to News
What’s the story behind ‘Pillow Bliss’?

Way back (in the old-days), a dear friend helped me purchase my first computer.  It was 1996, 2 years after I began designing Mother Earth Pillows®.  All I wanted to do was find someone who would make it work, as the mere thought of trying to learn how to use this at the ripe old age of 53 was more than I could imagine! I had always loved handwriting notes, keeping journals and saving calendars with notations all over them. This was a machine that terrified me!

Fast forward to 2016 - only 20 years later - and I cannot imagine life without computer, laptops, cell phones and iPads, etc. What we used to call ‘writers-cramp’ has been increased ten-fold! Imagine the hand, wrist, shoulder and neck pain Dame Agatha Christie must have had a one of our most prolific writers…  69 novels and 19 plays between 1920 -1976! 

The crux of the matter is known as over-use syndrome.  But look at other medical names / descriptions for these miserable symptoms;

  • RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury or Repetitive Stress Injury
  • RMD or RMI – Repetitive Motion Disorder or Repetitive Motion Injury
  • CTD – Cumulative Trauma Disorder
  • Occupational Overuse Syndrome
  • Regional Musculoskeletal Disorder

So if you have any of the above, you are in good company with more than 3 million other folks each year in the USA alone who go to their doctor or HCP to report the condition for the records.  However, many have the aches, pain, cramps and may never go to the doctor!  Why? Because it is usually self-diagnosable because you know what activities or motions or postures you do the most every day!

Are you on the computer in your office, working away all day?

Holding your phone with your ear pressed against your shoulder?

Text like crazy whenever you can (Text-neck)?

Here is the scoop on this condition.  It is rare that lab tests or any type of imaging is required to diagnose your pain.  The other good news is that these problems rarely require surgery.

So what is going on?  Repetitive use impacts muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons.  There is no getting around it!  And as we age, these conditions can actually get worse. 

So how do we deal with the aches, pains, stiffness, tingling?  According to Medical News Today, treatment may include anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, ergonomic evaluation, yoga, massage and heat. Applying heat to the inflamed area will help sore and tightened muscles relax. In addition, heat promotes better blood flow and circulation to the area and has been found to have better results than OTC or Prescription meds! If cold feels better, you can try that too.

Knowing that heat is one of the best approaches, the Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow was designed over 20 years ago.  In the mid 1990’s, computer use was increasing daily.  Comdex was the world's largest IT Trade Show in the world then … and Mother Earth Pillows® booth was there in 1998 – 2000.  It was a joy watching the faces of people who had shoulder and neck strain (including President Clinton!) experience the heated Mother Earth Pillows®.  The smile on the faces when one was slipped over their shoulder was priceless!  Thus, the ‘brand’ for this smile and happy face became known as “The Pillow Glow” for the rest of time!


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