"It's not just a HOT PILLOW...it's how you use it"! 

 Testimonials by Condition 

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The following information shared are suggestions only and we do not intend to diagnose or indicate treatment. For further treatment for any medical issue, please confer with your medical health care practitioner. We are taking the liberty of categorizing quotes from emails and letters and we are taking liberty in highlighting words phrases that may be helpful for readers. 


"My son used to use the weighted vest in school to help settle him down in class... but he could only use it for 15 minutes because it weighed 15 pounds! He only weighed 65 pounds! Once I got approval for him to wear a Mother Earth Shoulder Wrap, he loved wearing it all day for as long as he wanted to... and his teachers said it made a 'world of difference' in his attention in the classroom and his attitude! I love that he gets to decide how long he needs it." Kelly, mom 


"My Dad has gotten a lot of relief from the pillow! He has arthritis in his lower back and has used the Small Flax Pillow" email after web order 

 "I have had my 'old' Mother Earth Pillow® for years! I recently lost my husband (unexpectedly) and I was busy with my newborn grandson. I put my pillow (my buddy...I have arthritis & fibromyalgia) into the microwave and hit the wrong button or something. (I swear I've lost my mind, since Dean died!) All of a sudden, my daughter said, "What is that smell?"! It was too late. I was almost in mourning. I look forward to receiving my new one." Happy Web Customer 


"I recently bought one of your products.. the Large Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™. I love them so much! It's the best thing ever for a sore back. It is much better than having to take pain killers. Thank you!" K 

 BONE PAIN (fractures, surgery, etc) 

"My daughter broke her arm (compound fracture/surgery) a year ago and a dear friend gave her a Little Heartbeat Pillow™. We recently went to D.C. on vacation and stayed with my friend's family and I ordered 2 Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillows™ to thank them for having us. They love theirs as much as we love ours!" Shari G, satisfied customer from the web 


 "I bought this (Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™) when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I tell everyone it was the best thing I could have found during the time I received my treatment and during recovery."Sandy M, RN 


"I've been sick for a little over a year now. Just started chemotherapy. It (the Heartbeat™) smells so wonderful. It's kind of like comfort food without the calories. Thank you so much!" Janet K, RN 


"There is no medication that I know of ... that eliminates pain this rapidly"! (...as he stood with a warmed Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™ draped over his shoulders). Pain Physician, American Academy of Pain Management, NV 


 "My best friend gave one of your Heart Pillows to me as baby gift 3 years ago. It was perfect for my colicky infant daughter, and was used by the baby and me for tummy aches, etc. Unfortunately we lost the pillow somewhere during our recent move and I WISH I had replaced it before now... last night my daughter had a stomach ache and my perfect little pillow was missing!! I can't wait to get the new one I am ordering tonight! Thanks for such a great product!" satisfied web customer 

 "My grandson who is almost 1 has always been a colicky baby and the Little Heartbeat Pillow™ has always brought him great comfort and has kept us all sane. We just put it in the microwave for a minute and put it on his tummy and it calms him right down. My other grandchildren use theirs to sleep with. They love the aroma and it helps put them to sleep. And of course mine is used alot too." Diane S, Hospital Employee 


Thank you so much for being an exhibitor at our National Pain Symposium in Dallas this week. I really enjoyed your booth and the holistic approach to pain that you presented. Your pillows are perfect. I purchased the neck and shoulder and eye pillows. Let me tell you... they work! I shared with you that I am on the CPAP machine. I usually am awake thru the entire ramp period (30 min), however, now I am warming up my pillows, applying them to my neck and shoulders and over the eyes. I doze off for awhile, awaken and apply the CPAP nose mask and in 5 minutes I am sound asleep. I chose a great aroma that is very soothing." 


"After an impacted tooth, my dentist told me to apply heat to my painful jaw...I got out the Triggerpoint Pillow™ and used it til the pain was gone! It was the perfect shape and was a total relief for that jaw pain!" Michelle, RN 


"I have also shared it (Large Heartbeat Pillow™) with my mother who while going through a very depressing divorce, used it at night on her chest to keep her warm and help her feel less lonely."


"I just attended your presentation in Falls Church, VA. I have been diagnosed with FM for the past 12 years and suffered for many more! Every year that passes brings me more methods of relief and coping. My father had a stroke 6 weeks ago and life has become almost unbearable at times. Thanks for bringing a little bit of peace into my day!" (Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™) Audrey A, Sr Executive Analyst 

 "I don't know where to send this so I picked you... there is an ad for Mother Earth Pillows® in the Newsletter. I have Fibromyalgia and I sleep with them, sit with them watching tv.. helps my neck pain...put them in the ice box or micro... helps my neck pain... and I have several of them and want to say they are a life saver. They are worth every penny"! (Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™) Thanks, Nancy L 

 "This Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™ gives me immediate relief from my 'Fibro' pain over my triggerpoints". Lynne M, Pres, National Fibromyalgia Awareness Campaign

"I bought one of your heart pillows from the Fibromyalgia website. I was curious to see if it would help my fibro pain and sleep. The very first night I used it, I slept better than I have in years. It was like the pain melted. I always had a hard time falling asleep due to not being able to get in a comfortable position because of all the pain, but when I put the Heart Pillow between my shoulders, I drifted off to sleep in record time. I have been telling everyone about this pillow. You have made a product that is so wonderful. God Bless you"! Joni 

"I saw your box ad on the Fibro site and said.. what the heck, I will check it out. I have barely taken the pressure-point (Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™) pillow off since it came in the mail. Love is not a strong enough word to use. I have scoliosis also, so to say this pillow is a life saver, is to say the least. I just don't know where to put it first. I'm tearing up so I will go, but it is the 'bestest' thing since bread and butter"!  Marilynn H 


"On a side note.. I just love Mother Earth Pillows® and have for years after getting the Large Heartbeat Pillow™ as a gift from my sister-in-law one Christmas. The neck pillow has been helping me heal lately as I broke my arm Feb 25th. I did not get a cast because the break is at the top of my arm at the shoulder and I'm not supposed to move it. Wearing a sling is hard on your neck and upper shoulders. After using the pillow along my arm to ease the pain, I swing the pillow around and along the tops of my shoulders till the heat goes from the pillow which seems to take the stiffness in my shoulders away... It's the next best thing to a good hot soak in a tub of Dead Sea salts and water!... it's an 'instant Spa'"! 


"I also shared it with my dying grandmother who succumbed to ovarian cancer in the summer of 2001. During her last days this Heart Pillow rested on her abdomen and ankles as well as her chest... and I know it make a great difference. I can't tell you how many times this pillow has soothed me and my family." 


 "I used it (Large Heartbeat Pillow™) quite alot for several days as I had a really bad spider bite that affected my entire thigh and my doctor made me put heat on it. The Heart Pillow worked GREAT as it was in the crack of my leg at the top of my thigh and that was just great!!! Plus it stayed hot for a long time and was SO much easier than the stupid heating pad. I am now healed with only a scar." Shannon 

"My doctor told me to put heat over my leg when I had cellulitis.. so I used a heated Large Heartbeat Pillow™ to relieve the pain and speed up the healing. It worked better than my pain pills for the pain that cellulitis brings!" Karen 


"My dear mother has TWICE bought me one of your Small Flax Pillows as I have interstitial cystitis which causes almost constant pain over the bladder area. I use heat compresses alot, especially throught the night ( I'm up every 3 hours and re-heat it in my bedroom microwave then). Due to a TENS unit which I use 4-5 hrs per day, I don't have to use heat compresses as much during the day as before." 


"You can add me to the list of longstanding clients who literally wears out her neck pillows. I have a repaired pillow on standby but will be in minor panic mode until my new pillow is delivered (just ordered with priority mail delivery). My husband noticed some seeds on top of the bed & identified my "pillow blowout". I cannot be without my large neck Triggerpoint Pillow™. I thank God for you all EVERY day when I use this pillow. And I DO use it every day. The relief provided from severe muscle tension which unchecked creates monster migraine headaches, is worth every penny the pillow costs. I've been thanking you all for years. Finding these products was a Godsend for me. Best wishes to you all"! Ceil G, Administrative Lieutenant, Ranger Hdqtrs 

"I suffer from migraines...using the Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™ has dramatically reduced the costly medication I have to take for pain. I told my neurologist all about it". Crazy FullMoon Eagle, Webmaster 

 "I have one of your Eye Pillows that I use for MIGRAINES. It seems to help when nothing else does". C. S, satisfied customer 


"And just as a testimonial we have been using our 'neck thing' (Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™) which we lovingly call it for eleven years and still we feel the herbs have a presence every time we heat it". Web customer 


 "Is this the company that was at a Women's Music Festival in Illinois in 1997? We have had what we refer to as the "neck thing" for 11 years. (Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™) It still works great but we are thinking we would like to have one for each of us at work and introduce this to our friends. Let us know. Thanks. " P. Engebose & P. Palmer 

"I live in Berea, Ohio, which is a suburb of Cleveland, where it gets cold in the winter, making my neck muscles tense up... my pillow helps so much there too! (Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™) I was just looking at the Eye Pillows, I think I might order one.... :)" I cannot live without my Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™ and I am now on my second one. I sleep with it every night, and often bring it with me to work too. It relieves the chronic pain that I am in from herniated disks in my neck and constant neck and shoulder pain that are the result of this. It relieves the beginnings of tension headaches that would otherwise turn into debilitating, horrendous tension headaches which are worse than the migraines that I get as well. A friend many years ago turned me onto your company and these wonderful pillows and I am forever grateful to her. Just today, I took my old Triggerpoint™ neck pillow, already heated, to an acquaintance at work who has been really bad neck/shoulder pain this week - the look of relief on her face as she put the pillow on said it all!!! And I am passing it on just like my friend did! Thank you for what you do... for helping me to avoid serious neck surgery for one more day... and for helping the quality of my life to be so much better!!! My pillow is such a comfort - a warm touch on a cold day, a relaxing time when I need it... it helps me sleep better, and makes getting up in the morning not quite so painful for for me. THANK YOU!!!" Deninse C , Very Happy Customer


"Why don't all the hospitals give their patients one of your Mother Earth Medical Hearts™ If they only knew how much easier recovery would be... and what a difference it would make to the patient, they would certainly do it! They gave me a big pillow that didn't help at all after my open-heart surgery. I couldn't wait to get home and use one of yours during my recovery. It was years old, but the Mother Earth Pillow® was what made the difference." School teacher and FAN 


" Dear Mother Earth, I first bought one of your pillows for my Mom, who had severe osteoporasis. Subsequently, I purchased a few for myself. I had back surgery a few years ago, and later a back fracture and have been devoted to your pillows since."


We have been actively using these pillows for our patients. We are located downtown, so often our patients are seeing us in the middle of the day and then have to go back to work. These pillows give them a little relaxation in their hectic days. The patients have really liked them and we are getting good use out of them A nice touch! Thanks again."Chris 


"I love all the ones I have (Eye Pillow, Heart) I am an incest survivor and I sleep with the heated Heart Pillow every night. It is so comforting and helps when I have 'night terrors'." 


 "I first learned of the healing Heart Pillow through my Massage Therapist, Lori P. I was six months pregnant and was having pain in my kidney area, as well as round ligament pain due to the stretching and growing of my uterus. I bought the Large Heartbeat Pillow and have had it since April of 2000 to help with all sorts of aches and pain as well as just enjoying the aroma and warmth on my "depressed" or chilly days".™ I am pregnant again for the second time and I plan on using this pillow during my labor as I did with my first one. I even brought it with me to the hospital the last time to use during postpartum and the nurses thought it was wonderful". Anonymous (Small Flax Pillow) 


"Mother Earth Pillows® are as important as my health insurance"!Melanie, artist and teach of arts SLEEP ISSUES 

"Thank you for a very good night's sleep. I was there yesterday morning and got a neck roll (Small Bolster) and a large bolster for my knees and a diffuser. I had the best night's sleep in a long time." Thanks, L 

 "I use your Buckwheat Hull Pillow personally every night to sleep and I love it!"

 "My sister received her Sinus Pillow yesterday. She slept with the warmed pillow last night and said that it was absolutely heavenly and that it was very relaxing! She loves the pillow!! Thank you for your quick response to my inquiry... I was worried that her order had been lost in the mail. I LOVE Mother Earth Pillows® About 10 years ago, one of the gift shops at a local hospital sold Mother Earth Large Heart Pillows. All of my sisters, my mom and my sister-in-lay all have pillows.  They are so wonderfully relaxing and comforting for aching muscles, tummy aches, etc. Thanks for your help." Sue 

"Hi. I used your Buckwheat Hull Pillow personally every night to sleep and I love it! I would like to be able to guide my patients to your webstore for their Buckwheat Hull Pillow needs. Thanks so much for your time and help." Paul D, R, CD, Northstar Chiropractic Natural Wellness Center 

 "Just wanted to let you know that I love my CD and my Eye Pillow. I use it just about every day and decided to get my daughter one. Thanks!" 


"Hi Karen, I just came in from 2 dr's visits and guess what I am doing????!!!! Sitting here with my pillow on. I have had it about 5 or 6 days and told so many people about your website. I slept with this one last night. I have 6 vertebrae fused in my neck and had a rugged rotator done, and just had my 28th and 29th surgery on my hand that has to be held above my heart, so I am not kidding when I say I slept 5 1/2 hrs at one time and never got up. YEAH!!!!!! and would not have then but had an 8 o'clock hand appointment. BOO!!! So I truly am thankful from the bottom of my heart for your pillows. Hugs and much Love sent your way."" Marilynn (Shelbyville, IN) 


 I wanted to get back to you to let you know how thrilled I am with the Mother Earth Pillow® Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™ in regards to my recent shin splints. I feel SO much better!! After microwaving the pillow, I found the heat to be very soothing - quite opposite feeling from icing my legs which caused great pain and discomfort. While kneeling, I pressed my shins into the heated pillow, toes pointed, and slowly leaned back to stretch my shins. The heat enabled a greater range of motion and ultimately loosened the tightened muscles in a gentle way. I was shocked at the number of people who told me to ice the affected areas - they said it would be tough, but it was necessary. I am here to say that it's NOT true!! Heat is the more effective, kinder answer! And the shape of the Mother Earth Pillow® combined with the ability to be heated, makes it the perfect remedy. As your slogan says; you helped to make "the journey gentle". I've been back to running for over a week now with no pain. I do a quick couplc of stretches before I head out, but it's the kneeling on the heated pillow when I'm done that keeps my legs happy! Thanks again, Karen. From headaches, to chills, to shin splints, to ear aches, to a simple need for warmth and soothing, ,,, your pillow is with me through it all! Take care"! Jane B 


"Please add me to your mailing list. I purchased a pillow from your booth at Kansas AAFP Conference and I love it. I also bought the face pillow and do not have as many sinus headaches. I love your products!"Elvira T. C, Family Practice Residency Program 


"Hopefully, you remember me and the conversations we've had at the American Pain Society or American Pain Management Nurses meeting in the past 3 years. We talked about my work with young children who have Sickle Cell Disease and the complex pain management issues these young children have to face. Finally, I am at the point of starting my research project with the children and families here at our center and I want to provide individual pillows for each of the children in my study. This study is the introduction of a Home Pain management Protocol for parents of children with Sickle Cell Disease ages 3-7 years. The protocol is a series of 4 educational, practice and interactive sessions with a workbook provided to parents about their child's Sickle Cell Disease and pain management. One of the 4 sessions is about the use of non-medicine pain management techniques to help with vaso-occlusive pain management. The pillows will be given to the families for each child to keep and use as a method to use to manage their child's pain. (This was a NIH research project)