Small Bolster

Small Bolster

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Our favorite neck support pillow! This Small Bolster offers a rounded support that helps my neck return to normal after hours on the computer! Removable, washable cover. The first Mother Earth Pillow® ever made!

This is by far the best therapy pillow for aching and stiff necks.  Often can help relieve headaches if caused by tight neck and shoulder muscles.  Even without warming, it offers best support.  Throw your 'foo-foo' pillow on the floor and use only this for back sleeping.
  • Use as you relax in your recliner... to fill in that gap that always seems to be just where you need support.
  • This is a personal favorite after neck injuries!  Use COLD (chill in freezer) first, then HEATED for older injuries when there is tightness.
  •  WARM and slide over tender areas along shoulder blade... tight, tense muscles slowly relax and stretch when used as counter-pressure as you lean against this heated shape.
  • Great for wrist support while on the computer or laptop.
  • This is the best choice for client neck support during your massage or spa sessions.
This is a 'rounded shape'... not flat  5" x 15"

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