Shin Splints

Posted by on 5/18/2016 to News
Kneel on your heated Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™ which has been placed on the floor with the curved portion under your knees.  Adjust 'arms' of the pillow under your shins.  Make certain you 'feel' the floor with the top of your feet (middle photo).  Slowly lean back as you stretch the tight fascia over lower anterior legs.  You should feel a slight 'stretch and burn' sensation as you stretch the tight fascia and slowly release adhesions from over-use, injury, etc.  This may take a few attempts to be able to stretch like this photo, but as you shift your position, you will feel the softening occur and pain diminish! (note above photos to see re-positioning ideas)

Heat helps this condition.. rather than ice.  The heat will also bring to your attention the tighter areas so you will know precisely where your problems are.  Good luck.. let us know how this works! 
Read on to hear from a happy shin splint sufferer... 
"I wanted to get back to you to let you know how thrilled I am with my Mother Earth Should Triggerpoint Pillow in regards to my recent shin splints.  I feel SO much better!!  After microwaving the pillows, I found the hear to be very soothing - quite opposite feeling from icing my legs which caused great pain and discomfort.  While kneeling, I pressed my shins into the heated pillows, toes pointed, and slowly leaned back to stretch my shins.  The heat enabled a greater range of motion and ultimately loosened the tightened muscles in a gentle way. 
I was shocked at the number of people who told me to 'ice the affected areas' - they said it would be tough, but it was 'necessary'.  I am here to say that it's NOT true!!  Heat is the more effective, kinder answer!  And the shape of the Mother Earth Pillow combined with the ability to be heated, makes it the perfect remedy.  As your slogan says, you helped to make "the journey gentle". 

I've been back to running for over a week now with no pain.  I do a quick couple of stretches before I head out, but it's the kneeling on the heated pillow when I'm done that keeps my legs happy!  Thank again, Karen.  From headaches, to chillls, to shin splints, to ear aches, to a simple need for warmth and soothing, ...your pillow is with me through it all!  Take care"  Jane B, Chicago, IL

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