Mother Earth® Premium Pillows

Golden Flax is a grain crop grown in northern USA. The periwinkle blue flowers mature to tiny pods filled with these golden seeds. The Flax grown for Mother Earth Pillows® is cleaned, food-quality-grade that contain 30-40% oil. When warmed or chilled, these little gold seeds hold HOT or COLD temperature better than brown flax or any other pillow fill. The fresh scent ot Golden Flax blends beautifully with our delicate herbal blends. Flax seeds move in our pillows to conform to all contours of your body. These seeds provide a therapeutic weight that provides compression and acupressure over tender areas. The thermal effects and weight will help increase circulation and help improve lymphatic efficiency and provide pain management and comfort.
Always avoid getting Flax wet as the outer shell of the seed will create a 'sticky-goo' that will dry caked and hard. Flax Pillows can be warmed hundreds of times over the years, but eventually they will 'wear out'. We offer reasonably priced 'naked' pillows to replace any inner pillow with new flax and herbal blends. Simply contact us for your cost-effective, fresh 'naked' pillow when needed.