Comfort Pack

Comfort Pack

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The Comfort Pack is perfect HOT or COLD for placing against lower sacral area to relieve long-standing low-back pain, between shoulder blades, or rolled up for neck support. Apply anywhere pain or stiffness strikes, wherever you are, day or night. Warm to help relax on those sleepless nights when nothing else works.

Hint #1 - Warm in microwave at any gas station to relieve low back pain as you commute or travel. A great comfort gift for anyone!

Hint #2 - Best gift for new Mom-to-be. Use for low back pain at end of pregnancy to support sacrum. Cover in plastic bag, heat and use during labor under hips (sacrum) to ease discomfort and lift hips for easier delivery.

Hint #3 - Reduce chest tightness and congestion. Choose 'BREATHE' blend for best effect.

Hint #4 - Tummy cramps can often be relieved in moments with this Warmed Flax Pillow.

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