Buckwheat Hull Pillows

Buckwheat Hulls are the dried outer shells of the Buckwheat Seed.  This plant is not a wheat or grain products at all, but is instead, a close relative to Rhubarb.  Thus, Buckwheat is a fruit, rather than a grass or grain.  The ripe, dried seeds of this plant are ground after blossoming and maturing, to make a gluten-free flour for breads, cereals and pancakes.  If you have enjoyed delicious Kashii cereal for breakfast or cooked Kashii, you know how delicious these little 'fruit' seeds can be.

Buckwheat has a short growing season and once the flour is obtained from the dried ripened seeds, the hulls must be cleaned.  Sifting by vibration through several screens and/or air-blowing is the process used to separate any 'chaff' from the hulls and any particles that definitely do not belong in pillows!  We purchase only hulls that are grown by farmers here in the USA.  Our deliveries arrive in hube 700 pound tote-bags, all sifted and cleaned ready for pillow-filling.

Buckwheat Hull Pillows last for many years.  We have been using our personal Bed Pillows, 'GO' Pillow and Massage Table Bolsters for almost 12 years and have not had to add any Hulls.  If you ever need to add Hulls to your pillow, you may purchase hulls from us in 2-pound bags.  We have been told that these pillows last up to 20+ years.  We will see!

Concerned about noisy Hulls?  We have been told, that it will take 3-4 nights to become accustomed to the Hull Pillows.  The gentle rustle of the shifting Hulls will cease once your head comes to rest and you are no longer moving.  The Hulls cannot compact into each other because of their irregular shapes, but this is exactly what prevents the pillows from crushing down for the best shoulder and neck support possible.

We have paid special attention to the ergonomic design of these Hull Pillows.  We do NOT fill our pillows as tightly as possible.  We allow room for shifting of the hulls as you position the pillow for your needs and position.  This allows for the best sleeping pillows in the world...for side-sleeping, back sleeping or tummy sleeping. 

We hope you enjoy!  Most folks never return to feathers, poly or foam pillows again and become quite attached to their Hull Pillow(s).